A recent article in CIO Magazine discusses how social networking sites have led to a new culture of collaboration within companies. The article points out that there is still opportunity for these tools to improve, yet it remains to be seen how these tools will grow and how companies will build collaboration into their day-to-day operations.

Collaboration works best when employees can tap many information sources, said John Poulin, principal solution architect at Huron Consulting Group. That way, like-minded groups of people can gather online, exchange data, and disband when the work is done. However, Poulin adds, popular collaboration products such as Microsoft SharePoint and the Oracle Collaboration Suite aren’t easy to integrate with other vendors’ products.

Collaboration tools that can’t incorporate information from, say, an analytics dashboard won’t help a company make better decisions faster, agrees Campos. Enabling that scenario, he says, “will become what we dreamed of for KM.”