If you are like me and enjoy gadgets and purported productivity boosters then the following article from Paul Atchley with the Harvard Business review is a must read.

I constantly find myself jumping from task to task.  I am addicted to email and email always tends to lead me down a path away from my goals and high priority tasks at hand.  I know a few people that don’t check email or voicemail for a set period during the day so they can focus on priority items and taking care of business. I love the concept, but I am not sure I have the discipline to do it even though I know most of my email isn’t relevant.

Like many people, I like to focus very hard on something for a short period of time, digest the key points and the move on to something else. I find my brain will continue to chew on important issues and decisions when I am not focusing on them.  Ever get stuck on a puzzle only to come back to it the next day and solve it right away? Luck? I don’t think so.  The problem is items like email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all seem to lead you away from the important items. They are distracting and provide escapes from your important work activities.

So in 2011, one of my goals is not to multitask.  Work items until they are finished, establish time to process email, and  if I do move from one task to another task that I document where I was with the original task so I can pick it back up.  What am I supposed to do with the iPad I got for Christmas where I found this article?

Happy New Year.
Founder and COO, UDig