The obvious answer might look like yes, everyone is busy doing other things.

Wrong, experts say.

A company that has a gap in its workforce may need you even more this time of year. Slack off during November and December, and you might miss one of the best times of the year to find a job. As full-time employees go on break or vacation, the number of people left to run the office gets stretched even thinner.

Keep that billboard on throughout the holidays.

For a job seeker, it’s a great time to step in and help out. Companies with needs don’t need to take vacations. It may be harder to meet with decision-makers, but make yourself available. If business see that you are flexible and can help when they need you this could be the decision that gets you hired.

Here’s a list of advantages to job-shopping during the holidays:

A reduction in competition. By keeping your search going at a time when others have slowed down or stopped, you have a greater chance of being noticed. Also, job seeking during the holidays can show prospective employers your seriousness about landing a position.

Managers have year-end deadlines, and the new year brings a new budget. Toward the end of the fiscal year, hiring managers may have a number of new positions to fill. They will be evaluated on whether they get the job done.”

Holiday activities often put managers in a more receptive mood. When people are focused on family and fun through the holidays, they often are more open and receptive to conversation – even from job seekers.

Holiday events are a natural networking environment. Professional associations often have free holiday events. Job seekers should take advantage of parties given by associations, chambers and clubs that are of interest.

Holiday greetings by mail, e-mail and telephone keep you connected. People searching for jobs should harness the spirit of the season to amp up gratitude. Thank former clients, vendors and co-workers. Thank bosses and mentors. Thank everyone who has helped.

So as tempting as taking a holiday break sounds, making the extra effort at this time of year may bring in a great new position for the new year. Ring in the new year with a new job and resolve to make the most out of it!