A recent article was written on how LG will soon offer an Android handset with the ability to run a VMware client hypervisor and take on a business profile managed by IT. One analyst says “it will be like merging an iPhone and Blackberry together,” noting that one device can be used for both personal and business use. In essence, a virtualized phone could be used respond to a business phone number as well as a personal number.

If companies decide to take advantage of this offering, then it would ultimately reduce costs associated with supplying employees with company cell phones and laptops.  Is the overall cost savings worth the potential security risk of compromising corporate data?  Will major corporations find this beneficial to their business?

From the article in Information Week:

Key new employees often get a company phone as well as a laptop as they settle into a new cubicle. What if they could use their personal phone instead, with IT putting a business profile on it for company use separate from their personal use? Many employees would like to carry only one phone — and they’d prefer that be their personal one.

VMware has taken a first step toward enabling such a scenario by joining hands Tuesday with LG Electronics Mobile Communications, a Korean handset supplier to several telecommunications carriers. By enabling handsets to host virtual machines sometime next year, LG is taking a step toward letting one mobile device serve two distinct purposes through different virtual machine profiles.

Next year, LG will make an Android handset available with the ability to run a VMware client hypervisor and take on a business profile managed by IT, said James Park, director of strategy and business development for LG, in an interview announcing the partnership. “We are not announcing model names or carrier involvement at this time,” Park said. But he added, “We will bring a (virtualized) phone to market soon.”