So you think you know how to interview? We’ve assembled a list of eight rather tricky job interview questions. True or False?

1. You should always arrive 30 minutes early to an interview, that way the company knows you can be on time.

2. If you have gaps in your employment history you should always try to hide this from the prospective employer.

3. If a job requires a bachelor’s degree and you don’t have one but do have the experience required, it is okay to state a degree on your resume to secure the interview.

4. Always bring a tablet to take notes and at least 3 copies of your latest resume.

5. Companies are dressing more casually now so you should dress casual like the employees.

6. When asked about your salary you should state your current or last salary and ask to be compensated in accordance with experience.

7. Upon completion of the interview always ask for a business card so that you can send a follow up thank you email.

8. If the company doesn’t call you back after the interview you should call them daily until you get an answer.

(Answers after the jump)

Answers: 1. False, just be on time. Too early and it’ll look like you’re trying too hard, or the interviewer won’t be ready or still preparing. 2. False, be honest. 3. False, don’t make up degrees or experience. 4. True. 5. False, you should wear a suit. 6. True. 7. True. 8. False, don’t be obnoxious.