With a tightening labor market, and most companies scratching and clawing their way out of the recession, the use of IT Staffing Agencies has become more prevalent.

I believe a lot of companies are adopting this approach and buying into the utilization of staffing agencies as a strategic solution to building out their IT staff. The fact is that the IT industry has some of the most recession proof professions out there. Even during the recession, the IT industry fared very well in comparison to other industries.

UDig, as a whole, achieved some of its greatest success ever during these rough times. The way things have been progressing over the past 12-18 months, there is no reason to believe the IT Staffing Industry is heading anywhere but up.

With this influx of IT positions, companies are looking for valued partners who can deliver the right candidates in a timely fashion. This being said, we have to constantly seek ways to set ourselves apart from our competition. It is imperative that we challenge ourselves to find and incorporate new ways to better our process.

Similar to IT, the staffing industry is ever-changing and evolving. Conventional methods such as, Job Boards, Sourcing or Referrals are always going to be good channels to find talent. However, using only these methods will leave you behind the eight ball. New and unorthodox ways of sourcing talent are surfacing frequently. There are seminars being conducted by experts in our industry, solely focusing on unique search strings. There are an infinite number of user groups, forums and sites where resumes can be searched, all of which can be very valuable hunting grounds. To stay ahead of the game and ensure we are uncovering every stone, we must stay current with and leverage these unique methods, making them a routine part of our process.