A lot of people have been there before, right. There are certain elements of your current position that you just can’t deal with anymore. You are fed up and decide it’s time to make a change. You get excited about new opportunities that are springing up, and ultimately, you get that offer for exactly the type of career you hoped for.  The new position will solve whatever problem and scratch whatever itch you were experiencing with your current role. Whether you were traveling too much, felt underpaid, not challenged or siloed into working with archaic technologies, all your problems are all of a sudden solved! You eagerly tell your recruiter that you accept the new position, and are chomping at the bit to get started. Now comes the hard part where you have to tell your current employer you have found something else and are putting in your resignation…

One of the biggest, if not the biggest reasons as to why people end up staying with their current company is ‘FEAR OF CHANGE’. This fear resides in the candidate and the employer. Losing a valuable team member reflects very poorly on Management, and they too have to answer to someone. So your Manager, caught off guard, frantically does everything he/she can to convince you to stay. They tell you how you won’t travel nearly as much, throw more money at you and fill your head with how they are getting all the new latest and greatest technologies. You start to become flattered and realize your worth in the company. Of course, the easiest thing to do here would be to accept this counter offer and continue working for your current company. This however, will  likely lead to more heartache in the end.

Just step back for a moment to revisit what got you here in the first place. Why did it have to come down to you resigning for them to attempt to make things right? You should come to realize that the counter offer is merely a band-aid that will eventually fall off, allowing your concerns to resurface.

Reasons why accepting a counter offer will do more harm than good:

A high percentage of people who accept a counter offer end up leaving within the next 6-12 months.

You have already made a commitment to another company, and thus, would be burning a bridge you just built.

The new company realized your worth upfront and proved that to you by offering you what you wanted, whereas, your current company knew your worth and still under-valued you. What does that say about them?

You will immediately lose a level of credibility and clout with your current employer. They will view you as a flight risk from there on out.

 If the company is affected by cut-backs, folks who already threatened to leave will likely be the first ones to go.

In short, do your due diligence prior to putting in your resignation and be prepared for your company to counter. Will the underlying reasons for you wanting to leave be resolved? I have been doing this for a long time and have had candidates come back to me after accepting a counter offer, regretful of their decision.