If you are looking for a new job opportunity, perhaps you have wondered why you should consider using a recruiter.  After all, aren’t the jobs posted out there by the employers?  You might wonder what the advantage would be of using a recruiter to assist you.  Maybe you think you’ll just post your resume out on the job boards and wait for the calls to come in.  It may surprise you to know that 80% of the jobs available today are never advertised (according to Howard Poplinger, owner of human-resource company Epic Development and Evaluation.)  That means that working with a trusted recruiter can definitely give you access to jobs that the average jobseekers would never know about!

Here are some things to consider in your decision.  A good recruiter will want to help you drill down into your real motivation in making a job change.  What type of work environment do you like?  What are your real goals in making a job change?  They can steer you towards a position that would fit your objectives.

Do you like a structured, well – organized environment?  Or are you more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of person?  What type of manager do you thrive under?   What is the dress code for this company and how should you dress for the interview with them?  The recruiter will be able to give you some background on the company and the culture.  This kind of information may not be available to you otherwise.  A good recruiter gives you an edge.

So, looking for a job?  Ask friends for recommendations on a recruiter that they have worked with and liked, or contact us.  Any UDig recruiter’s promise is to be ethical, listen to you, and provide honest, accurate feedback.  Check out our jobs page at www.udig.com.